We understand that when you’ve just bought your perfect pair of hosiery, you’ll want it to look its best for as long as possible. Here is our guide on how to look after all those beautiful delicate garments to make them last longer and look fabulous.

Putting On

Taking Off





Putting on

  • Before taking your hosiery out of the package check your hands and feet for rough skin and sharp nails.
  • Use of thin cotton gloves especially designed for putting on hosiery or applying a bit of lotion to your hands and feet will decrease the risk of snagging your garment.
  • Remove any rings, watches and other jewellery before putting on your hosiery.
  • Make sure you have the correct size before opening the package: please refer to the size chart on the back of each garment.
  • Take your time: hosiery, especially sheer garments, are delicate items that need to be treated with care.
  • While sitting, gather the item down at your toes (figure 1).                         
  • Slip one foot into your garment and carefully stretch the length of the fabric with both hands up to your ankle and then over your knee (figure 2).
  • Repeat with the other leg in the same manner (figure 3).

  • Stand up and roll the garment with both hands over the thighs and hips (figure 4) and keep stretching it until the waistband is in place (figure 5).

  • If the item does not come up to the top of your legs properly, do not pull it: simply roll it back down to your ankles and gently stretch them over your legs once again, stopping and adjusting if you feel them pulling awkwardly.


Taking off

  • Simply do the reverse of putting them on: start at the waist and slowly roll the garment down.
  • Don’t pull from the toe as this creates unnecessary stress on the fabric and makes it more susceptible to snags and ladders.



  • Keep your hosiery separate from all other clothes: this will prevent buttons, buckles and zippers from catching on hosiery and causing snags and holes.
  • Take care not to allow perfumes, scents and other toiletries to come into contact with delicate fabrics: let them dry completely before putting on your fine hosiery.



  • We recommend that you always hand-wash your hosiery items carefully in lukewarm water using a mild detergent.
  • Gently squeeze the fabric rather than rubbing and wringing it as this may cause stretching and shrinking.
  • Hang your garments to drip dry or place between two towels to dry flat. Always dry away from direct heat and never iron.
  • If you must machine-wash your delicate hosiery, always put it in a mesh bag, on a delicate cycle with cool temperature setting and mild detergent.



  • When putting on your hold-ups, turn the top band over so it is not touching the skin until it has reached the desired position (usually mid-thigh for maximum comfort and fit).
  • Please note that body lotions, creams, oils and talcum powder may affect the performance of the silicone bands on your hold-ups and they could slip out of position – we, therefore, do not recommend applying them on the section of your thighs where the silicone bands adhere to your skin.
  • Similarly, the use of fabric conditioners is not recommended when washing your hold-ups.